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LIC AAO 2016 paper

Dear Aspirants,

We have listed below some of the General Awareness and Computer questions that were asked in LIC AAO Exam held on March 6, 2016:
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General Awareness and Current Affairs Questions asked in LIC AAO exam held on March 6, 2016 – Slot 1

1. Vienna is capital of – Austria
2. 23rd April is celebrated as – World Book Day
3. Name of institution where Ayurvedic drug BGR-34 made – CSIR
4. No of approx copies sold of playing it my way – 1.5 Lakh
5. 2015 Australian Open Winner - Novak Djokovic (Men) & Serena Williams (Women)
6. Shri jagmohan wins padma vibhusan for what category – Public Affairs
7. Missile related question –
8. Bharat Parv was inaugurated in which state - New Delhi
9. Sanjaly Gandhi National Park located in – Mumbai
10. In which state Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is located? - Tamil Nadu
11. Recently, Prime Minister Modi approved 'Make in India' in which state - Chhattisgarh
12. Anup kumar related to which sports – Kabadi
13. Winner of national chess championship 2016 –
14. Kwangmyongsong 4 or shining 4 satellite from which country – North Korea
15. First aviation park is located in which state - Gujarat
16. Shyama prasad mukharjee Rurban mission starts from which state - Chattisgarh
17. Brendon McCullum's hundred came from 54 balls against which country - Australia
18. Umberto eco from which country - Italy
19. Cancer Awareness Day - February 4
20. Christian legard re elected for which organisation? - IMF
21. S S Tarapor who died recently related to which field? -
22. India's population is anticipated to surpasses China's population by which year - 2022 (According to the UN)
23. Australia women single winner – Angelique Kerber
24. First railway university to come up in which place – Vadodara
25. Anup Kumar is related to which sport - Kabaddi
26. Seven sister states –
27. Theme country of Kolkata book fair – Bolivia
28. Italy's author who died recently - Umberto Eco
29. Cyclone wiston hit which county – Fiji
30. Swach bharat state capital – Bengaluru
31. S.S.Tarapore died who is he ? - Retired from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as deputy governor
32. Bharat parv celebrated at – New Delhi
33. Prime ministers of which countries attended Make in India Summit, which was held in Mumbai? - Sweden, Finland and Lithuania, and the Deputy Premier of Poland
34. Winner of National Chess Championship 2015 - Railways
35. Indian institute for petroleum and energy is located at – Dehradun
36. Where is Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located - Maharashtra
37. In how many balls Pranaav Danawade scores 1009 runs? - 323

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