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With M.B.A. entrance exams around the corner, students are prepared with the type of questions asked in the entrance exams. However, apart from subject knowledge there are several other things that a student must keep in mind while sitting for an entrance exam.

Let us discuss some extremely important things that can help a student enhance his/her percentile in entrance exams.

1) Do not panic. Have confidence in yourself.

Whenever a student appears for any examination, then in order to give their best in the exam a student should have full confidence. Whenever, a student panics in the exam, then they tend to forget whatever they know. As a result of which their score reduces.

2) Time Management.

Time Management is extremely important. 'Do not spend lot of time on one question.'
Let us discuss the ideal time distribution for different sections:
Verbal Ability: Maximum 7 minutes for reading a passage and 1-1.5 minute to answer each question based on that passage.
Quantitative Ability: 1.5 - 2 minutes for each question.
Logical Reasoning: 6-8 minutes for a set of 4 questions.
Data Interpretation: 6-8 minutes for a set of 4 questions.

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3) Concentrate on accuracy.

'Do not attempt a question about which you are not sure.'
Most common mistake made by students is overattempt. In order to increase their attempt students try to answer those questions about which they are not sure. Never ever do this. You will spend time solving a question and in return get it wrong i.e. you end up getting negative marks for that question. Students must try to keep their accuracy above 80%.
Let us discuss good attempt for CAT examination:


Total Questions

Good Attempt

QA 34 15-16
DILR 32 11-12
VA 34 18-19

4) How to filter up questions in the paper.

It is extremely important to select the right question in the exam. Students need to understand the importance of selecting right question. You don't have to solve all the questions in the question paper. You just have to select those questions which you know and solve them. You just need to select all easy questions along with some medium level questions and solve them. All the tricky questions must be left to be solved in the end (In case of spare time.)

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5) Type in the above (TITA).

Around 25% of the paper consists of TITA questions. In such question as we don't have options so elimination technique (in Quantitative Aptitude) can never be used.

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