Types of Nouns

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Types of Nouns

Nouns are classified into five types:-

1) Proper Nouns
2) Common Nouns
3) Collective Nouns
4) Abstract Nouns
5) Material Nouns


A proper noun is the name of a particular place or a person. Proper Nouns begin with a capital letter.
Hari, Kashmir, India, New Public School, Hong Kong, Parliament etc are all examples of proper nouns.

-- Ram is a farmer.
-- She went to Chennai last week by train.
-- I like reading The Tribune.
-- She likes to play with Riya.


A common noun refers to a class or kind without being specific. It is used to name people, places or things in general or common.
Boy, cat, bank, book, pencil, pine-apple, hall, meat etc are examples of common nouns.

-- She likes to write with a pen.
-- He went to the bank to withdraw money.
-- The boy is playing with a ball.
-- Students painted the hall.


A collective noun is the name of a group of persons or things taken together.
Flock, class, crowd, bunch, committee, family, swarm etc are examples of collective nouns.

-- The child was lost in the crowd.
-- She brought a bunch of flowers for me.
-- The family is planning for a picnic.
-- The jury found the man guilty.


An abstract noun is basically the name of a quality, an action or state. Abstract nouns cannot be touched, tasted, smelt or seen.
Weakness, sadness, love, beauty, happiness, calm, joy, friendship, manners, wealth, joy etc are examples of abstract nouns.

-- She respected the honesty of the little girl.
-- They showed extreme joy on his success.
-- Rahul felt great lobe for his grandmother.
-- Children are innocent.


A material noun is a name of a material from which a thing is made or a material which we can see.
Wool, glass, wood, cotton, gold, plastic, paint, paper, rubber, soap etc are examples of material nouns.

-- The door is made of wood.
-- I bought a pink coloured cotton dress.
-- I love to wear gold jewellery.
-- The boy is sitting on astone.


Countable nouns refer to objects or things that can be counted using numbers
For example:-
One candle – two candles
One cup – two cups
One box – two boxes
One cat – two cats

-- How many colours do you have?
-- He has two cats.
-- He bought five pairs of socks today.
-- She issued a book from the library.
-- Children are playing in the park.

Uncountable nouns refer to objects or things that cannot be counted using numbers
Sugar, wood, heat, honesty, love are examples of uncountable nouns.

-- I like less sugar in tea.
-- Can you give me some information regarding the course?
-- She has long hair.
-- There is no water in the jug.
-- Children are playing with clay.

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