Types of Verbs

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Types of Verbs

Verbs are of two types:-

1) Transitive Verbs
2) Intransitive Verbs

1. Transitive Verbs

Verbs which are used together with a direct object are called transitive verbs. In other words, verb which requires an object to communicate its meaning are called transitive objects.

- Tara raises her feet.
- Rohit gave Shovan a chocolate.
- His father made a speech.
- Seema has broken the box.
- Sohan owes Ravi some money.
- Lay the bag there.

2. Intransitive Verbs

The intransitive verbs do not require an object to communicate their meaning.

- We arrived at the party very late.
- Shoba coughed repeatedly.
- He has gone to the party.
- He’s been dancing all day.
- The girl sings loudly.
- The child sleeps.

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