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Coding Decoding

Coding is a process of communicating a message by converting words into symbols without the third person understanding it or for storage as required.

Decoding is the reverse process of coding. Almost every reasoning test a student prepares for, contains questions on coding.

This is a very scoring topic and students must be well versed with the possible type of questions that can come from this topic.

There are 26 alphabets in English language. The first half is A to M i.e. 1 to 13 whereas the second half is N to Z which is 14 to 26.

Coding basically involves a pattern being used in a question. Students need to identify this pattern in order to solve the questions. We can say that questions based upon coding decoding are somewhat similar to questions from series.
Patterns used in series can be replicated over here. It may also involve arranging alphabets as given in the main word and then reversing it or constant addition or subtraction respectively in the position of all the alphabets. Hence, it is very important for every student to know the order of the alphabets.

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