Directions and Relations

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Directions and Relations


There are four main directions i.e. north, south, west and east. Apart from this we have north-west, south-west, north-east and south-east. These later four directions are known as the cardinal directions.

In this topic, directions are given to a person regarding his/her movement and the question is solved considering the orign as the starting position. Before solving the questions on this topic, a student should be familiar with both the four main as well as the four cardinal directions.


In order to solve questions based upon blood relations within seconds it is always advisable that a student must construct a tree structure. This tree structure contains 3 levels i.e. lower level, middle level and a higher level. The lower level is assigned to children, middle level is for parents and the higher is for the grandparents. By just looking at the tree structure we can identify children, parents and grandparents.

Higher Level:   Grandparents (grandfather, maternal grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandmother)
Middle Level:   Parents (father, mother, maternal uncle, uncle, maternal aunt, aunt)
Lower Level:   Children

Some of the points to be kept in mind considering yourself at the lowest level i.e children.
** Relations of mothers side are reffered to as maternal and that of the fathers side are paternal.
** Mothers father is known as maternal grandfather and her mother is known as maternal grandmother.
** Children of aunt, maternal aunt, uncle and maternal uncle are known as the cousins.
** Wife of maternal uncle or uncle is aunt.
** Husband of aunt or maternal aunt is uncle.

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