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Word List 1



Turbulent disturbed
Antithesis opposite
Liquidation kill
Flamboyant snowy /gorgeous
Inundate flooded
Importune ask for persistently /beg
Excruciating torturing
Inhibition shyness /discomfort
Virtue commendable quality
Attorney an advocate /legal advisor
Frugal economical /not wasteful
Laudable deserving praise
Swipe steal
Malnutrition inadequate diet /lack of food
Dupe decieve /trick
Rampant unchecked
Supine lying on the back
Complicity the state of being accomplish
Accomplish an associate in crime
Expunge wipe out /erase
Paragon a model of excellence
Flagrant shameful
Stake which is risked
Inane silly
Ethics accepted rules of conduct
Liquidate dissolve /wind up