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Vocabulary List 5



Replete stuffed /full
Unrelenting unstoppable /uncompromising
Egregious outstandingly bad
Sanguine cheerful /confident
Duplicity double dealing
Adverse unfavourable
Inchoate just begun
Declaim speak or recite in a dramatic way
Surreptitious secret
Nuance delicate degree
Vile unpleasent /horrible
Inmate one confined in an institution
Feasible possible of realization
Contrary opposite
Premonition as of impending danger
Inflexible rigid
Inert lacking active properties
Havoc devastation
Utopia place of perfection
Salvage save
Extortion getting money by threat /blackmail
Reverberating return as sound /re-echo
Lax careless
Prolific producing things in abundance
Hapless unlucky