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Vocabulary List 10



Persuit occupation
Scoff taunt
Lax careless
Venom poisonous substance secreted by snakes, scorpions and spiders
Steak slice of meat
Delinquent one who fails to perform a duty
Voluble speaking easily /talkative
Lethal causing death
Eminent recognized
Ultimate being the last /final
Vandal one who destroys things of beauty
Flout scoff /taunt
Moat a deep ditch surrounding a castle
Rivalry competitiveness
Spew vomit
Stipulate demand /specify
Crisp crunchy
Surge rush suddenly
Snorted force air possibly through the noise
Curb control
Domicile a place of residence
Schism division /separation
Wrest seize
Indigent poor /needy
Malignant threatening danger