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Vocabulary List 9



Persist continue inspite of opposition
Extortion to blackmail
Raze level to the ground /demolish
Eventuate happen as an outcome /result
Sporadic appearing at irregular intervals /occasional
Muzzle jaws and nose of an animal
Wizard one supposed to have magical powers
Furlough leave for absence
Elicit draw out
Destroy totally demolish
Corroborate confirm
Ascend go upwards /rise
Ammunition materials used in discharging firearms
Despicable to be looked down
Voracious uncontrollable /greedy
Supremacy state of being supreme / highest power
Consternation terrified amazement /dismay
Fray minor battle
Sergeant officer in army /air force
Feud quarrel
Permeate penetrate /spread through
Perverse contrary
Hamper hinder
Buddy friend
Forthwith immediately