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Vocabulary List 3



Clandestine secret
Asperity harshness of manner /bitterness
Succumb give away /yield
Yankee US citizen
Curtail cut short /dimnish
Respite an interval of relief /delay
Caustic capable of burning
Gregarious fond of company
Sensational impressive /attractive
Thrift saving money /proper management
Marshal an officer in armed forces
Bar lock /obstruct
Bigot narrow minded
Distraught worried and upset
Proctor invigilator
Garbled distorted
malice ill will /hatred
Sedentary inactive /stationary
Epithet a descriptive word or phrase
Dodge sudden movement to avoid something
Warp twist out of shape
Repulse refuse /reject
Amidst surrounded by
Cursory hasty and not so thorough